This Album contains 12 Songs written and performed by senior Macquarie Group executive John Walker. John is Executive Chairman of Infrastructure, Utilities & Renewables Asia and Chairman of Macquarie Group of Companies, Korea. He is also an active philanthropist.

Each of the songs on the Album describes an event or an experience in John’s life over the last 2 years.

He is donating proceeds of the album to the Philippines Red Cross to support the continuing aid efforts following the devastating typhoon Yolanda in 2013. Over the last 2 years John has been a frequent business traveller to the Philippines and was in Manila when the cyclone hit. The song “After the Storms” is about the aftermath of the Typhoon.

Other activities undertaken by John include publishing two children’s books “Ura’s World” and “Ura’s Dream” and donating all sales to animal and environmental charities throughout Asia. The Macquarie Foundation has matched these donations. Ura’s World has sold out. A further two books in this series will be published over the next two years and continuing donations will be made to environmental groups.

John’s family foundation, “The Small Steps Foundation” has made numerous donations throughout Korea and other parts of Asia supporting disadvantaged aged persons and children. The Foundation has also pledged six years of support to the New England Writers Centre to support development of young writers in isolated parts of Australia.

Many of John’s charitable activities are supported by the Macquarie Group Foundation.